Sunday, December 6, 2009

Marigold Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Marigold!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The BroadMinded...Broads on a Mission

Real Women, Real Issues, Real Plans….One Mission

BroadMinded is a group of Broads with a clear mission; to raise awareness of the needs of cancer patients and their families through inspiration, collaboration, education and fundraising.

What started as several different women, who in one capacity or another where touched by cancer, has grown into one dynamic group of Broads, with a like Mind.

Stay tuned to hear the rest of our story...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

thinking PINK!

In honor of breast cancer awareness month...Marigold is thinking PINK! For every on-line purchase of Hope , Forget-Me-Not or Rosemary, Marigold will donate an additional $5 to The Peoria Cancer Center Foundation. Marigold is committed to supporting women in their fight against cancer. We honor you...Gina, Pam and Sally!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Check Me Out...

Check me Out (pictured) is one of the many fresh looks for the season from our "Believe" Marigold Fall/Winter collection. We hope you take some time to "check out" the newly inspired designs. For easy viewing, a Gallery has been added to showcase the caps. On-line shopping is also now available. Marigold Believes in women and supporting the cause...come check us out!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Believe" 2009- Marigold Caps


“Run your fingers through my soul. For once,
just once,
feel exactly what I feel,
believe what I believe,
perceive as I perceive,
look, experience, examine, and for once;
just once, understand.”
- anonymous

Fall Marigold Caps are on the way!

"Believe" 2009 - in the beauty of who we are as women!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It's hard for me to believe I have to say good-bye to seems too soon! I have been fighting like crazy to hold on to the carefree fun that comes with Summer. A few times, I've even tried to convince my children to stay home from school...of course they refuse! Last weekend, we spent a beautiful summer evening at a friends house where the children played and we sat in the backyard and visited with one another longer than we should have. My son fought like crazy not to let the night end, however, tired eyes and body finally gave way. His shirt says it best - going...going...GONE.... I guess the saying is true that all good things must come to an end...So I say goodbye to a summer filled with memories I treasure and look forward to the Fall and the festivities that come with this season.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

"I will be with you."

This week my daughter came home with school work containing the words I needed so desperately to read and to feel!

The title of her paper was
"I Discover God's Message to Moses"

At the bottom it read
"I will be with you."

These words so simple, spoke volumes to me. I needed to know God was near and that just as he was with Moses, he is with me...close to wrap his loving arms around me. As usual, I am easy to weep and weep is what I did...
"I will be with you...was such a comfort to me.

He is with us...

as we face our fears,
and deal with daily life.
when we face heartache,
or struggle with life choices.
when we are in pain,
as we try to raise our children,
or care for those who are sick.
in the quiet,
in the noise.
in the peace,
and in the storm.
in the joy,
and in the tears.

"I will be with you."

A label...

A new order of Marigold labels arrived in the mail this week. Lisa with does a great job.

I was happy to have the new order of labels as I have spent many hours sewing labels on caps in preparation for store orders, trunk shows and internet orders.

I have come to love more each day what the Marigold label represents - the brightness and versatility of all women.

Everyday, I have the wonderful priviledge of experiencing and witnessing these qualities first hand when I visit with store owners, friends and mothers giving themselves everyday for their families, and in cancer survivors and those battling...

I see their brightness... as I visit my photographer Nellie as she holds and talks about her beautiful new baby girl...or when I see Lori shine as she uses her creative talent with her Pink Couch for the Cause. I see a treasured friend, a breast cancer survivor, shine brightly as a mother, sister, wife and friend. I see mothers and friends teach our children and coach our teams.

I witness their versatility and strength when I see a friend battle terminal cancer by volunteering her time and giving back to others with her words of encouragement. I see a friend, mother and grandmother pour her passion and life's work into raising money for cancer research and education. I see their strength as the they run companies, paint a beautiful sunset, give birth to new life, capture a moment on film and embrace a hurting child.

Through these women I want to live more brightly. Marigold is forever influenced and changed by each story and encounter. We believe in you.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I have tried to sit down to write a new post for a week now. I have a million things to tell pictures to show's such a beautiful day I am going to the pool with my two youngest boys...I will try again tomorrow...I know you understand.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


You know those people that have that gift. The gift of touching you with their life and words...

that would be my sis!

I am in awe of you!!!

Check out her blog!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Autumn Surprises

"Everything that is new or uncommon raises a pleasure in the imagination, because it fills the soul with an agreeable surprise, gratifies its curiosity, and gives it an idea of which it has not before possessed." - Joseph Addison

This summer has been a fun preparation for new fall designs..."a pleasure to my imagination." This week as I was packing up a big box of caps for a boutique order, I found my self enjoying the caps because they are new and fresh for fall. New pictures are coming. Nellie and I are very excited to take new photos and can't wait for you to see them. But, the photo shoot must wait for a short time because there are more important surprises awaiting my amazing photographer who is preparing for her precious new surprise due Aug 26th. This baby is a long awaited gift and we can't wait to meet him or her.

Until then, I thought it would be fun to "gratify your curiosity" with some photos from this box.

There's more to come....

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Son Is....

It's 4 am and I just finished baking a birthday cake. I love this quiet time to catch up, to reflect, to pray.

Tonight, I am catching up and preparing for my oldest son's birthday celebration. It will be a busy day of celebrating with our family...celebrate his life we will. I can remember his birth like it was yesterday. Sweet Michael, we love you and are so proud of you. Watching you grow, and moments spent with you are pure joy. I love watching you build legos, shoot hoops, draw a picture, play soccer, love your brothers and sister, read a book and explore the world around you. I appreciate and applaud your organization because you certainly didn't get that from me. My heart is filled to the top with love for you! For you I wish this...

A son is...
a baby who is wished wondrous love;
a child who is wished endless joy;
a boy who is wished understanding and ever-widening circles of knowledge and friendship.

a teenager who is wished strength in any surroundings, courage in every circumstance, and a recognition of the wonders that await his tomorrows.

and a man, with paths to walk, with bridges to cross, with mountains to climb.

A son is an amazing combination of all of these things, and he's quietly thanked everyday of his life, for the priceless joy he brings. - Douglas Pagels

We love you son! Happy 8th Birthday!!!!

Pictures are once again taken by wonderful Nellie...see

Monday, July 27, 2009


Jason Mraz in the song "Lucky" says it best,

"I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend."

My husband and I celebrated our 12th anniversary yesterday.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Whole Hand

Today, my precious curly headed, sweet heart turns 5...a whole hand!!!

He has the whole day planned starting at 6 a.m. with donuts, followed by opening presents immediately after.

For lunch, we will dine on Buffalo Wild Wings and celebrate his birth with Culver's ice cream cake and singing. We have to play a pokemon game and wack the ever anticipated pinata.

Following all of the excitement, our birthday boy then wants to go to the pool and enjoy pool time with our family.

When we get home he wants Daddy to cook yummy Barbeque ribs while he and his siblings take in all the new birthday "loot."

I celebrate my precious son, his tender heart, his all boy approach to life, his talents, his sweet curly hair, tender hugs, gruff voice, endearing giggle, and hugs that feel like he will never let go....

Let go, I never totally will, and have tried my best to take snapshots of these precious first five years. I pray for his life, for his future that he will live life to the fullest, be spared deep heart ache, and know true love and what it feels like to have a son as special as he is to our family. I pray that he will seek God for all things and fulfill his Destiny...We love you son!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Race

Love being a part of such a cause!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Faith is making yesterday a stepping stone, today a new beginning, tomorrow a limitless possibility...

I am very thankful for and humbled by the people who have expressed their faith and support of Marigold!!!
It is exciting to watch the new beginnings and limitless possibilities unfold.

This week the Marigold story aired on our local news.. I was nervous and excited and humbled all at the same time. The story could not have been told without my two warrior girlfriends being present to help tell the story.

Thank you Gina and Pam and Jen and Lisa for your expressions of faith. Blessings to you ladies!

Monday, May 25, 2009

New photos...

Last week, I had such fun with Nellie -photographer extraordinaire- and lots of beautiful women of all ages! I appreciate all the work and effort by all to make this latest photo shoot so special. Stay tuned for great new photos to be featured on the website. Mini marigolds are also in bloom and will be available for the first time....little ladies no longer have to raid their mom's Marigold closet.

Stay tuned for more of Marigold!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love this LIfe...

A friend sent me these inspiring words in the mail last week. I couldn't help sharing...

Love this Life...
is about celebrating the moment
and we're not guaranteed
or owed another day
and how cool it is that what we hide
can actually be the fuel towards our glory
and that it's not so bad being proven wrong

Love this Life...
is about welcoming the blind turn
and the possibility that
there's no such thing as coincidence
and that empathy is incredibly sexy
and that it's never too late
to pick up a guitar or paintbrush
or to make an amend or to make a new friend

Love this Life....
could be about rekindling a past flame or igniting a new one
or shape shifting the caress of a love long gone

Love this Life...
means whatever it is you want it to mean

Love this Life...
is a celebration of you and your path

Love this Life...
cuz it could go at any second

by David Culiner

Thanks for sharing Jen!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Marigold Moment...

One of things I cherish most about Marigold is the women I meet. I get so excited when I see women wearing their Marigold caps and I love to hear their stories.

Marigold caps are about celebrating...celebrating who we are as women.

One Marigold beauty was gracious to share a little about herself:

Hmm, fun facts about me - that's tough! I live on the coast in Massachusetts and I'm a busy working mom to three amazing daughters - 11, 8 and 5 years old. My mom is a 7+ year breast cancer survivor so I'm thrilled to contribute to your company. I love to take photographs and to shop (for anything and everything!)...I can't really think of anything else! Oh I'm fluent in Dutch because my husband is Dutch and we lived in Holland for several years - the only reason I learned to speak Dutch is so my in-laws couldn't talk about me in front of me anymore!

Thanks beautiful Massachusetts friend for giving us a glimpse of you!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Joy of a Car Wash!

Today, after much pleading from my two younger boys, we visited the car wash.

The car wash as always was exciting each turn of the brushes. I am always amazed at how children see the world and my boys didn't let me down on this trip. As the car was nearing the end of the wash, my son looking at the moving rags said,"Look mom they're dancing."

Oh the joy of a car wash inside and out!
Yesterday I attended the funeral mass celebrating the life of Natalie Stephens Taylor. She was a true beauty in every sense of the word. Her life touched so many. I feel extremely priviledged to have been a small part of her life! As a friend so perfectly described the day..."It was a beautiful send-off for a beautiful girl."

I left this mass forever changed and so deeply touched!

Some words she left us with...
"Don't cry because it is over,
smile because it happened!'
Dr. Seuss

Monday, May 4, 2009

Peoria hat designer offers cancer patients a dash of splash

This is what the title read in the Peoria Journal Star of the Sunday paper. It was soooo exciting to see Marigold Caps featured in the ALL PINK Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure section of the paper. The Race for the Cure started in Peoria and is a proud time for this town. This week everyone is gearing up for the exciting race day which happens on Saturday. What started out as a promise between two inspiring!!!

of the Journal Star
Posted May 03, 2009 @ 01:37 AM

For many people, it may seem like a small thing.

But for some battling cancer, it's so much more than just a piece of fabric.

It's a hat.

It covers worries, brightens dispositions, protects dreams and crowns their life - so says hat maker Callie Currin, of Peoria, whose "Marigold Caps" have taken off in popularity among those who most need them and even those who just want them to add a little extra sparkle in their day.

"When you are diagnosed with cancer, you are reeling from that diagnosis. You lose your hair, and your self-confidence takes a hit," said Peorian Julie Matheny. "To not be able to find anything to make you feel better when you go out - you feel like the whole world can see that you are sick."

Matheny, 38, bought one of Currin's hats this month featured at the boutique S'more Couture, 2700 W. Second St., Alta. She had searched as far as Chicago for the right one, and when she spotted one of Currin's hats on a recommendation from a friend, she said she fell in love.

"It makes me feel great. It's so stylish and cute. It makes me feel less visibly sick. I would wear it even if I didn't have cancer," she said.

Matheny was diagnosed in August 2007 with a rare form of cancer - sarcoma, a soft tissue cancer that is incredibly resistant. She was fitted for a wig in early 2008 while going through chemotherapy and hated it. She went through chemo again in fall 2008.

"I struggled to find things to wear on my head. I noticed there was a real void in the market for head wear for younger women who had lost their hair," Matheny said.

Currin got her inspiration for hat making from a friend fighting breast cancer who needed one.

"It was the perfect marriage of someone who needed a hat and someone who loved them," Currin said. "It was the answer to a creative prayer."

Currin, too, benefits from her own line. She has four kids and no time to get ready in the morning. She just likes having a hat.

So in July, she started her business. She chose base hats with no metal pieces on the inside to irritate nearly bald or bald heads, and ones that are adjustable.

Soon thereafter, she stumbled into S'more Couture and owner Amy Irving, who had just opened her shop last fall. During the chance encounter, Irving begged Currin to sell her hats in her store.

It's a small, quaint store flooded with colors of pink and brown and unique specialty items from 40 local vendors. It's overflowing with the spirit of hope and happiness.

The hats are casual enough for everyday wear, but also have the bling that adds something special and unique.

One style is canvassed twill sergeant, a variation from the typical baseball hat. Currin also spices up crocheted cowboy hats - perhaps with some vintage sparkle - and canvas visors.

They range in price from $50 to $80 and are sold through her Web site, and in Belle Mie, S'more Couture, A Beautiful You, and Yellow Brick Boutique. A portion of the proceeds benefit cancer research and patients.

Each of the hats has a name that correlates with a flower such as fern, forget-me-not, snapdragon and, Currin's new spring line, dubbed "freshly picked."

Irving is treated to hearing inspiring cancer stories from numerous customers while being able to help them with a hat.

Earlier this year, she started making headbands decorated with anything from rhinestones to feathers. She says they're flying off the shelves.

One special blue and brown headband is adorned with a rhinestone broach. Irving designed it for a client whose hair is finally growing back and who no longer wants to wear a hat.

"It's just these little things. This is the reason I'm here. I know it now. Just to be able to make a person's day and do something positive for somebody," Irving said.

Karen McDonald can be reached at 686-3285.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


My daughter and I planted marigold seeds last week in a multi-colored pot she painted for me.

It was fun getting a little dirty and we check daily for growth.

We woke up today to find the tiny seeds have transformed into little green buds. My daughter and I are in awe!!!

I thought to myself... Wow...

Life is inspiring!

Change is exciting.

Growth is challenging but with careful nuturing amazing things will take root.

My daughter and I are so excited to see more growth from our marigold seeds.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Life's Worth Living!

Today I was at church and touched on so many levels...

The words that stuck were...Life is worth Living!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Row, Row, Row, . . .

On the way home from preschool, I asked my four year old if he had learned any new songs at school. He answered yes and broke into song.

Row, Row, Row your boat
"gipply" down the stream.
Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily,
Like upon a dream.

This song, as simple as it is, resonated with me and my life right now. Life with Marigold continues to row, row, row steadliy along. Sometimes the rowing is "gipply" and these situations help Marigold grow. However, most of the time Marigold rows merrily along and it feels like "upon a dream."

I am happy to report, the past two months have been "merrily" moments for Marigold. Februrary started off with a visit from my sister and her family. We had a wonderful time and my sister and I got a lot accomplished. My sister designs custom children's clothing, so preparation for a spring and summer line for her is not a daunting task. Her help allowed me to row gently into the Marigold spring/summer line without sinking. We worked long hours during her visit thanks to our husbands, who held down the fort with the children. I don't know how you put into words or show someone how thankful you are for love, help and support that is so desperatly needed at that moment. That is what she did for me.

Marigold continues to row into more stores. Each boutique is special and unique. I really enjoy getting to know the owners or managers, who are all very strong and wonderful women. Some boutiques I don't get to personnally visit because Marigold caps are now traveling throughout Illinois with a wonderful sales rep doing the leg work. With this, Nellie has been so gratious to help design Marigold's first catalog and continues to do all the photography and all other advertising. Another talented friend is working on Marigold's logo and packaging. Stay tuned for the exciting changes.

Never would I have imagined life upon a dream like this...through God's direction Marigold continues to row. Thanks precious son for your sweet song for inspiration and reflection.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Wearable Version...

After my Golden retriever shared his creative expression, I thought it best to post the wearable version. Pictured is an original Marigold cowboy of many unique designs. This crocheted cowboy hat is the perfect backdrop to showcase the animal print ribbon bow. The ribbon is woven within the hat and finished with vintage "bling."

My precious friend stopped by and couldn't resist. I couldn't resist taking her picture. This cowboy hat fits her style perfectly! Her teenage daughter who was waiting in the car, promptly put in her design request for a pink ribbon bow with vintage bling. I'm off to fill her request. Apparently, my golden was right...Marigold cowboy hats are irresistible.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring clearing...

It feels like spring so I am prompted to clean and clear out. My husband keeps asking when the "clearing out" is going to happen with my caps. My work room has spilled out into the t.v area and is quite a MESS!!! Luckily amongst the clutter and "creativity" I was able to locate a new summer favorite. I will clear the cap mess soon.
As for spring cleaning, I am focused on getting the "baby" who is 3 1/2 out of his crib, giving the oldest his own room, making the 4 year old feel he has his own space and moving my messy daughter to the back bedroom of the house. I've been busy moving furniture, dismantling bunk beds and the crib, along with planning paint colors for the new rooms. Now I stare at three bedrooms in shambles and know the caps in the basement are in desperate need of organizing. I'd say the warm weather couldn't be a better distraction for clearing, cleaning, and procrastinating. I think I'll go running. Now where is my marigold running cap?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good enough to eat!

From my family, I welcome all creative suggestions and guidance concerning Marigold. Today it was our golden retriever who couldn't resist assisting in creative expression.

The Marigold spring/summer cowboy hats are tempting...and apparently good enough to eat!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Marigold Spring '09 - "Freshly Picked"

Marigold spring caps are in full bloom at Still more work to be done... I will blog more later...

I will remember...

i am having one of those moments. A moment when you try to be rational and you don't even know where to begin. The day was busy with activity...but now it is quiet. I look around at all the to-do piles accompanied by the long to-do list rolling in my head and I feel a little dizzy. I stare, hoping that if I think hard enough I can will everything to be finished. Staring and chocolate can only go so far and then I see it... It's a paper from a dear friend of mine that is titled, "I Will Remember God's Truth." Like salve to my soul, I read it again and again. It reads like this...

I Will Remember God’s Truth

I will run the race with perseverance and fix my eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of my faith. I will consider Jesus, so that I will not grow weary and lose heart; Heb 12:2-3

I will not be haunted by apprehension.
I will take a deep spiritual breath and remember what God says:

THE LORD IS my Shepherd- I shall not want; Ps 23

THE LORD IS my Helper- I will not fear; Heb 13:5

THE LORD IS near – Do not be anxious about anything; Phil 4:6

THE LORD IS my Rock, Fortress, and Deliverer.
My God is my Rock, in whom I take refuge – 2 Sam 22:2-3

THE LORD IS my Strength and my Shield – Ps 28:7

THE LORD YOUR GOD IS with you – Zep 3:17

YOU ARE MY GOD my Savior,
and my hope is in You all day long! – Ps 25:5

The piles and to-do list are still there, but I know God's Truths are what got me through yesterday, will get me through today, tomorrow...always!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The On-Time-Girl

Today, my 80 year old grandmother who lives in Wyoming, called and said, "Callie girl, I haven't received your package."
I sighed inwardly and apologetically said, 'Oh Grandma, it's not lost in the mail. I'm sorry. I haven't sent it yet." Now understand, it has been on my to do list since Christmas. I still have her Christmas card, her birthday card from Feb 2, and Valentine card and they are all ready to go. So I asked her, "Is it okay if we now make this gift your Saint Patrick's Day present?" She giggled and was okay with that. But I am not. I always have great intentions for fun surprises, only to realize I've missed the date again! How is it that some people have a knack for getting every where they need to be and everything where it needs to be on time? I guess I've given up hope on ever being "the on-time-girl." Some of my best -a ha moments, are after the fact and I hold true to the belief that things happen for a reason...even my tardiness.
Grandma, it's coming said look for it by July 4th. I Love you.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'll be there soon...

Today, like everyday my three year old asks me if today is "g'nastics day." Tiny Tigers gymnastics is his favorite weekly activity that happens to be every Monday. For a 3 year old with no concept of time...a week is a long time to wait... so each morning and night he asks the same simple question, "Is today g'nastics day?" Despite the monotony of the question, I am thankful I am here each time he asks the question. I try in my best motherly way to explain that no, today in fact, is not a gymnastics day but Monday will be here soon. "Will be here soon" has been a constant recording in my brain lately.

Just yesterday morning before school I take notice of the chaos swarming around me. We have 5 minutes before we need to leave for school and no one is dressed, my 7 year old needs something signed, my five year old has lost the Kindergarten letter bag, and my 4 year old has refused to get dressed and is boycotting preschool. In frustration, I throw up my hands and say, "I am not taking any of you to school and you can find your own way home."

All I could think was, we'll get there soon...somehow. Two out of the three made it to school a little late but we got there and I did, in fact make sure they had a ride home from school. I am famous for being late...or arriving just in the nick of time. My four year old asked me last night if I could put our car in hyper-drive and be the first in the pick up line at school instead of last. I'll get there soon. My friends and family think I am crazy because I have an unusual, or lack thereof, sleeping schedule. Many find it strange to receive emails from me at crazy hours of the night, but it's my only quiet time...laundry, dishes, bills, orders, emails and caps call my name. I keep thinking, "bed, I'll be there soon...."

My life with four children, a busy but wonderful husband, and a new business is being redefined. I don't want my children to grow up with an -I'll- be-there-soon-mom. I now have to stop and ask is it gymnastics day? What are my goals and plans and deadlines? Boy, am I being stretched. Planning is not my thing. But today I accomplished a few big goals. I got the children to school early-with time built in for me to wash my face, brush my teeth and put on real clothes...first time ever!!!! I also accomplished work goals. My amazing friend and even more amazing photographer, Nellie, and I discussed the layout for Marigold's first catalog...thanks to much hard work with my focused and goal oriented sister! Very exciting! We also constructed plans for launching the spring line on the website. I can't wait for you to see the new spring caps. We'll be there soon.
What I am learning is this...I don't have to wait for my gymnastics day to arrive. If I make the effort, every day can be "gymnastics day" as I make the most of what I have that day.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Monday. Enough said.
I throw on my Marigold work-out cap as I run out the door...thankful I have a few choice hats remaining after an amazing Madhatter party.
I go about my day in awe of what I witnessed Sunday...a town wrapping their arms around a young woman and her family...embracing them. It was such a testimony of this town and this family's life. I will post more about the event later.
I also walk more carefully today...more aware. In some way, I feel like I am living more tenderly attempting to take in each moment and encounter.
It was a busy day, dropping babes off at school, exercise, gymnastics for Andrew, taking two little boys to get new shoes and much needed haircuts. Then back to school to pick up a sick Anna and then picking sweet Michael up from a playdate, getting one ready for soccer...baths and finally bed. After, the babes are in bed, I finally get to catch up with my husband. I love being a wife and mom and the everyday experiences I get to share with my children and husband. Being a wife and mom its often easy to overlook the everyday moments and focus on getting a list accomplished rather than paying attention. My life through Marigold makes me take pause. The benefit on Sunday was a touching reminder of what matters...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Marigold Moment...

Today I wear a cap to cover my hair I don't have time to fix, but I also wear it as my "rally" cap -

Tomorrow is a special day for Marigold. Marigold is a small part of a benefit for a young woman battling Melanoma. The benefit is called The Mad-Hatter Party. It is exciting to see a group of people come together and rally for someone they love. The party is at an Irish Pub and two bands have donated their time to come and play. Nellie will be there taking pictures. Marigold's job is to support the cause by selling caps ... for every hat sold a portion goes towards helping this young lady's fight.

I now sit in my work room creating caps for this special moment. I feel privileged to be a part of this event, knowing in some small way Marigold caps will help rally behind this young lady's fight.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Marigold Caps...Celebrating the Everyday

When I first started designing Marigold caps I had many hopes and dreams about what the caps could accomplish for women. I still have many...Marigold caps are intended to be sparkly, fun and a way for women to celebrate the everyday. As my Marigold journey progresses, every woman and her individual story amazes and inspires me.

For instance, my dear friend called the other day to tell me she received her new Marigold caps in the mail. Hearing the excitement in her voice and listening to her share how much she loved her caps made me giggle with excitement. My friend shared how she loves to wear her Marigold and how she feels special with it on --even around the house. As we talked about the joys and trials of being moms, I realized how much I learn from my friends and the women I have been fortunate to meet through Marigold.

Just yesterday I spent time with another friend who is expecting her first baby...of course she needed a cap to crown this special moment. Each day I am touched by a story or tip shared by a special woman.

I am also excited to hear the women in New Jersey love Marigold caps. With my friend there to model her Marigold...who wouldn't want one. I am looking forward to helping women there celebrate the everyday.

So although my initial dreams were of helping others celebrate everyday, I never imagined the blessings and inspiration I would receive from this experience. I’m eternally thankful and blessed by the women I meet and the stories they share. You help me celebrate…everyday.