Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Monday. Enough said.
I throw on my Marigold work-out cap as I run out the door...thankful I have a few choice hats remaining after an amazing Madhatter party.
I go about my day in awe of what I witnessed Sunday...a town wrapping their arms around a young woman and her family...embracing them. It was such a testimony of this town and this family's life. I will post more about the event later.
I also walk more carefully today...more aware. In some way, I feel like I am living more tenderly attempting to take in each moment and encounter.
It was a busy day, dropping babes off at school, exercise, gymnastics for Andrew, taking two little boys to get new shoes and much needed haircuts. Then back to school to pick up a sick Anna and then picking sweet Michael up from a playdate, getting one ready for soccer...baths and finally bed. After, the babes are in bed, I finally get to catch up with my husband. I love being a wife and mom and the everyday experiences I get to share with my children and husband. Being a wife and mom its often easy to overlook the everyday moments and focus on getting a list accomplished rather than paying attention. My life through Marigold makes me take pause. The benefit on Sunday was a touching reminder of what matters...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Marigold Moment...

Today I wear a cap to cover my hair I don't have time to fix, but I also wear it as my "rally" cap -

Tomorrow is a special day for Marigold. Marigold is a small part of a benefit for a young woman battling Melanoma. The benefit is called The Mad-Hatter Party. It is exciting to see a group of people come together and rally for someone they love. The party is at an Irish Pub and two bands have donated their time to come and play. Nellie will be there taking pictures. Marigold's job is to support the cause by selling caps ... for every hat sold a portion goes towards helping this young lady's fight.

I now sit in my work room creating caps for this special moment. I feel privileged to be a part of this event, knowing in some small way Marigold caps will help rally behind this young lady's fight.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Marigold Caps...Celebrating the Everyday

When I first started designing Marigold caps I had many hopes and dreams about what the caps could accomplish for women. I still have many...Marigold caps are intended to be sparkly, fun and a way for women to celebrate the everyday. As my Marigold journey progresses, every woman and her individual story amazes and inspires me.

For instance, my dear friend called the other day to tell me she received her new Marigold caps in the mail. Hearing the excitement in her voice and listening to her share how much she loved her caps made me giggle with excitement. My friend shared how she loves to wear her Marigold and how she feels special with it on --even around the house. As we talked about the joys and trials of being moms, I realized how much I learn from my friends and the women I have been fortunate to meet through Marigold.

Just yesterday I spent time with another friend who is expecting her first baby...of course she needed a cap to crown this special moment. Each day I am touched by a story or tip shared by a special woman.

I am also excited to hear the women in New Jersey love Marigold caps. With my friend there to model her Marigold...who wouldn't want one. I am looking forward to helping women there celebrate the everyday.

So although my initial dreams were of helping others celebrate everyday, I never imagined the blessings and inspiration I would receive from this experience. I’m eternally thankful and blessed by the women I meet and the stories they share. You help me celebrate…everyday.