Friday, February 20, 2009

The On-Time-Girl

Today, my 80 year old grandmother who lives in Wyoming, called and said, "Callie girl, I haven't received your package."
I sighed inwardly and apologetically said, 'Oh Grandma, it's not lost in the mail. I'm sorry. I haven't sent it yet." Now understand, it has been on my to do list since Christmas. I still have her Christmas card, her birthday card from Feb 2, and Valentine card and they are all ready to go. So I asked her, "Is it okay if we now make this gift your Saint Patrick's Day present?" She giggled and was okay with that. But I am not. I always have great intentions for fun surprises, only to realize I've missed the date again! How is it that some people have a knack for getting every where they need to be and everything where it needs to be on time? I guess I've given up hope on ever being "the on-time-girl." Some of my best -a ha moments, are after the fact and I hold true to the belief that things happen for a reason...even my tardiness.
Grandma, it's coming said look for it by July 4th. I Love you.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'll be there soon...

Today, like everyday my three year old asks me if today is "g'nastics day." Tiny Tigers gymnastics is his favorite weekly activity that happens to be every Monday. For a 3 year old with no concept of time...a week is a long time to wait... so each morning and night he asks the same simple question, "Is today g'nastics day?" Despite the monotony of the question, I am thankful I am here each time he asks the question. I try in my best motherly way to explain that no, today in fact, is not a gymnastics day but Monday will be here soon. "Will be here soon" has been a constant recording in my brain lately.

Just yesterday morning before school I take notice of the chaos swarming around me. We have 5 minutes before we need to leave for school and no one is dressed, my 7 year old needs something signed, my five year old has lost the Kindergarten letter bag, and my 4 year old has refused to get dressed and is boycotting preschool. In frustration, I throw up my hands and say, "I am not taking any of you to school and you can find your own way home."

All I could think was, we'll get there soon...somehow. Two out of the three made it to school a little late but we got there and I did, in fact make sure they had a ride home from school. I am famous for being late...or arriving just in the nick of time. My four year old asked me last night if I could put our car in hyper-drive and be the first in the pick up line at school instead of last. I'll get there soon. My friends and family think I am crazy because I have an unusual, or lack thereof, sleeping schedule. Many find it strange to receive emails from me at crazy hours of the night, but it's my only quiet time...laundry, dishes, bills, orders, emails and caps call my name. I keep thinking, "bed, I'll be there soon...."

My life with four children, a busy but wonderful husband, and a new business is being redefined. I don't want my children to grow up with an -I'll- be-there-soon-mom. I now have to stop and ask is it gymnastics day? What are my goals and plans and deadlines? Boy, am I being stretched. Planning is not my thing. But today I accomplished a few big goals. I got the children to school early-with time built in for me to wash my face, brush my teeth and put on real clothes...first time ever!!!! I also accomplished work goals. My amazing friend and even more amazing photographer, Nellie, and I discussed the layout for Marigold's first catalog...thanks to much hard work with my focused and goal oriented sister! Very exciting! We also constructed plans for launching the spring line on the website. I can't wait for you to see the new spring caps. We'll be there soon.
What I am learning is this...I don't have to wait for my gymnastics day to arrive. If I make the effort, every day can be "gymnastics day" as I make the most of what I have that day.