Sunday, September 20, 2009

"I will be with you."

This week my daughter came home with school work containing the words I needed so desperately to read and to feel!

The title of her paper was
"I Discover God's Message to Moses"

At the bottom it read
"I will be with you."

These words so simple, spoke volumes to me. I needed to know God was near and that just as he was with Moses, he is with me...close to wrap his loving arms around me. As usual, I am easy to weep and weep is what I did...
"I will be with you...was such a comfort to me.

He is with us...

as we face our fears,
and deal with daily life.
when we face heartache,
or struggle with life choices.
when we are in pain,
as we try to raise our children,
or care for those who are sick.
in the quiet,
in the noise.
in the peace,
and in the storm.
in the joy,
and in the tears.

"I will be with you."


  1. This is just beautiful and so poetic. It deserves a beautiful printing and frame. Amazing. Thank you so much for sharing! Love you!

  2. That was beautiful, just what I needed before I head to bed. Thanks Callie!