Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cool Weather, Crisp Apples, and Fall Caps

I woke up this morning and could not believe the nip in the air! It was so chilly and finally felt like fall had arrived. I loved it, I must admit. I loved breathing in and having that cool air fill my lungs. It made me want to indulge in a hot cup of coffee and visit the apple orchard. 

So I did both! My sister and I loaded up the kids and off we went to Apple Blossom Farm. They had a great time playing on the wooden train, sliding on the huge slide, and playing hide and seek.  

The cool fall air also made me want to reach for a cap to accessorize my gray sweater coat and plum sweater. I picked a staple from the fall collection, one of the Marigold crystal caps. The gray crystal cap compliments purple, black, and gray so nicely. 

Monday, October 20, 2008

And Away We Go!

I'm sitting here in my office in awe of the women I've met in the past few months. Your stories have brought celebration, tears, and inspiration for all that Marigold has become and is yet to be.

To  kick off my new blog, I want to share one of my favorite designs from the fall/winter Marigold line. I'll continue to post and share more this week!

Before I do that, have you all met Nellie? Oh my goodness. She is quite possibly the kindest, most giving person I've met in a long time. Nellie has taken on Marigold and all my crazy requests. But, more importantly, Nellie captured the vision that was trapped inside my brain. She pulled it out without me even describing it to her fully. HOW does she do that? I don't know...but she is the pure genius behind most of the Marigold pictures I will share with you. I love you, Nellie! Thank you again!

This pinkish red tweed cap is Rosemary. It is a versatile cap for the fall and winter season. Rosemary is accented with a three-dimensional pink flower with a blue-beaded center and is finished with a touch of sequin bling. I love to wear Rosemary with my favorite pair of jeans and a tee.