Monday, May 25, 2009

New photos...

Last week, I had such fun with Nellie -photographer extraordinaire- and lots of beautiful women of all ages! I appreciate all the work and effort by all to make this latest photo shoot so special. Stay tuned for great new photos to be featured on the website. Mini marigolds are also in bloom and will be available for the first time....little ladies no longer have to raid their mom's Marigold closet.

Stay tuned for more of Marigold!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love this LIfe...

A friend sent me these inspiring words in the mail last week. I couldn't help sharing...

Love this Life...
is about celebrating the moment
and we're not guaranteed
or owed another day
and how cool it is that what we hide
can actually be the fuel towards our glory
and that it's not so bad being proven wrong

Love this Life...
is about welcoming the blind turn
and the possibility that
there's no such thing as coincidence
and that empathy is incredibly sexy
and that it's never too late
to pick up a guitar or paintbrush
or to make an amend or to make a new friend

Love this Life....
could be about rekindling a past flame or igniting a new one
or shape shifting the caress of a love long gone

Love this Life...
means whatever it is you want it to mean

Love this Life...
is a celebration of you and your path

Love this Life...
cuz it could go at any second

by David Culiner

Thanks for sharing Jen!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Marigold Moment...

One of things I cherish most about Marigold is the women I meet. I get so excited when I see women wearing their Marigold caps and I love to hear their stories.

Marigold caps are about celebrating...celebrating who we are as women.

One Marigold beauty was gracious to share a little about herself:

Hmm, fun facts about me - that's tough! I live on the coast in Massachusetts and I'm a busy working mom to three amazing daughters - 11, 8 and 5 years old. My mom is a 7+ year breast cancer survivor so I'm thrilled to contribute to your company. I love to take photographs and to shop (for anything and everything!)...I can't really think of anything else! Oh I'm fluent in Dutch because my husband is Dutch and we lived in Holland for several years - the only reason I learned to speak Dutch is so my in-laws couldn't talk about me in front of me anymore!

Thanks beautiful Massachusetts friend for giving us a glimpse of you!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Joy of a Car Wash!

Today, after much pleading from my two younger boys, we visited the car wash.

The car wash as always was exciting each turn of the brushes. I am always amazed at how children see the world and my boys didn't let me down on this trip. As the car was nearing the end of the wash, my son looking at the moving rags said,"Look mom they're dancing."

Oh the joy of a car wash inside and out!
Yesterday I attended the funeral mass celebrating the life of Natalie Stephens Taylor. She was a true beauty in every sense of the word. Her life touched so many. I feel extremely priviledged to have been a small part of her life! As a friend so perfectly described the day..."It was a beautiful send-off for a beautiful girl."

I left this mass forever changed and so deeply touched!

Some words she left us with...
"Don't cry because it is over,
smile because it happened!'
Dr. Seuss

Monday, May 4, 2009

Peoria hat designer offers cancer patients a dash of splash

This is what the title read in the Peoria Journal Star of the Sunday paper. It was soooo exciting to see Marigold Caps featured in the ALL PINK Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure section of the paper. The Race for the Cure started in Peoria and is a proud time for this town. This week everyone is gearing up for the exciting race day which happens on Saturday. What started out as a promise between two inspiring!!!

of the Journal Star
Posted May 03, 2009 @ 01:37 AM

For many people, it may seem like a small thing.

But for some battling cancer, it's so much more than just a piece of fabric.

It's a hat.

It covers worries, brightens dispositions, protects dreams and crowns their life - so says hat maker Callie Currin, of Peoria, whose "Marigold Caps" have taken off in popularity among those who most need them and even those who just want them to add a little extra sparkle in their day.

"When you are diagnosed with cancer, you are reeling from that diagnosis. You lose your hair, and your self-confidence takes a hit," said Peorian Julie Matheny. "To not be able to find anything to make you feel better when you go out - you feel like the whole world can see that you are sick."

Matheny, 38, bought one of Currin's hats this month featured at the boutique S'more Couture, 2700 W. Second St., Alta. She had searched as far as Chicago for the right one, and when she spotted one of Currin's hats on a recommendation from a friend, she said she fell in love.

"It makes me feel great. It's so stylish and cute. It makes me feel less visibly sick. I would wear it even if I didn't have cancer," she said.

Matheny was diagnosed in August 2007 with a rare form of cancer - sarcoma, a soft tissue cancer that is incredibly resistant. She was fitted for a wig in early 2008 while going through chemotherapy and hated it. She went through chemo again in fall 2008.

"I struggled to find things to wear on my head. I noticed there was a real void in the market for head wear for younger women who had lost their hair," Matheny said.

Currin got her inspiration for hat making from a friend fighting breast cancer who needed one.

"It was the perfect marriage of someone who needed a hat and someone who loved them," Currin said. "It was the answer to a creative prayer."

Currin, too, benefits from her own line. She has four kids and no time to get ready in the morning. She just likes having a hat.

So in July, she started her business. She chose base hats with no metal pieces on the inside to irritate nearly bald or bald heads, and ones that are adjustable.

Soon thereafter, she stumbled into S'more Couture and owner Amy Irving, who had just opened her shop last fall. During the chance encounter, Irving begged Currin to sell her hats in her store.

It's a small, quaint store flooded with colors of pink and brown and unique specialty items from 40 local vendors. It's overflowing with the spirit of hope and happiness.

The hats are casual enough for everyday wear, but also have the bling that adds something special and unique.

One style is canvassed twill sergeant, a variation from the typical baseball hat. Currin also spices up crocheted cowboy hats - perhaps with some vintage sparkle - and canvas visors.

They range in price from $50 to $80 and are sold through her Web site, and in Belle Mie, S'more Couture, A Beautiful You, and Yellow Brick Boutique. A portion of the proceeds benefit cancer research and patients.

Each of the hats has a name that correlates with a flower such as fern, forget-me-not, snapdragon and, Currin's new spring line, dubbed "freshly picked."

Irving is treated to hearing inspiring cancer stories from numerous customers while being able to help them with a hat.

Earlier this year, she started making headbands decorated with anything from rhinestones to feathers. She says they're flying off the shelves.

One special blue and brown headband is adorned with a rhinestone broach. Irving designed it for a client whose hair is finally growing back and who no longer wants to wear a hat.

"It's just these little things. This is the reason I'm here. I know it now. Just to be able to make a person's day and do something positive for somebody," Irving said.

Karen McDonald can be reached at 686-3285.